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Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  How long have you been in business?

         Officially as Double B Entertainment, we've been in business for about 14 years but we have been in the DJ business for over 20 years!

         Throughout the years we've done thousands of weddings, school dances, corporate and club events.

2.  May we meet with you in person before signing a contract?

         Absolutely!  Although most of our clients have seen or met us at previous events, we recommend that you meet with us to make sure

         that we are the perfect fit for your wedding or event.  If for some reason we're not a perfect match for your event, we have a few DJs

         in our company that we can recommend which may suit your needs.


3.  Do your DJs "Emcee" as well?

         Yes we do!  Our DJs will 100% take care of all announcements to allow you and your guests to enjoy the night!  From lining your bridal party

         up preparing for your Grand Entrance to pumping your crowd up on the dance floor and getting their hands up for great candid shots from

         your photographer/videographer, we do it all!  We will help coordinate everything for you the day of your wedding/event so that all you have

         to do is enjoy your night!


4.  Do you have microphones available for speeches?

         Yes!  We always bring 2 microphones to all events.  We'll have 1 wireless microphone with brand new batteries to make sure there's enough

         battery life at every event as well as 1 hard-wired microphone as a back up in case of any emergency.


5.  Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?

         We require a minimum $200 deposit upon filling out our contract in order to guarantee your reservation.  We will then fill your date into our

         online calendar so that other future clients can see that there's an event on that date with your specified DJ.  Due to the nature of our

         business, the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.


6.  When is the full payment due?

         The full payment is due two weeks prior to your wedding/event.  If you'd like to create a payment plan instead of making one payment after

         your deposit, we can create a payment plan for you if that makes it easier.


7.  Do we get to select the music you play?

         Of course!  When we send over our contract, we will also attach a playlist sheet in the e-mail allowing you to pick and choose what songs

         you'd like for your grand entrance, cake cutting, first dances, etc.  We also recommend filling out the DO NOT PLAY list so that we know

         what songs you DON'T want played at your wedding/event.  Most clients don't want the YMCA, chicken dance, etc. played so we gladly

         follow those directions.


8.  What if something happens to you and you can't make it to the wedding?

         Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen.  Although we've never not made it to a wedding (knock on wood), we

         have a few different DJs in our company that would be able available as a back up in case something ever happened.


9.  How do you keep updated with your music?

         The music that we play at all events is 100% paid for through DJ music pools or Amazon.  The music pools that our company uses are and  Those websites provide us with ALL GENRES of music including Top 40's, Pop, Hip Hop,

         Dance, Country, 80s, Latin, Reggae, R&B, and Wedding Hits!  If there are any songs that you choose to be played at your wedding that we

         can't find on one of those sites, we purchase the mp3 on


10.  Will you take requests from our guests?

         We are happy to take requests from your guests if you'd like us to.  Some clients decline requests from guests knowing they may not like

         their taste in music.  In the end, it is all up to you if you want us to allow guests to make requests.


11.  What will you wear at our wedding/event?

         To all events, wear a shirt and tie with a matching vest or sports coat.  We typically don't wear a tuxedo unless requested.


12.  When do you arrive to set up?

         We always arrive at least an hour and a half before any scheduled event in order to have adequate time to set up and get organized before

         the wedding/event.  We like to make sure everything is set up and all bags/boxes are put away before guests arrive.


13.  Are you insured?

         Absolutely!  We have a full liability insurance policy protecting you, the client, and the reception site in the unlikely event that Double B

         Entertainment injures one of your guests or any damages that could be caused by us.  We can also provide a COI if needed.


14.  What type of equipment do you have/use?

         We use top of the line products for every event.  We can provide Pioneer Controllers, Pioneer CDJ-800s / 1000s, Pioneer DJM-500/600/900,

         Powered VRX Sound System, Powered EV Speakers, Powered QSC Speakers, Powered 12" Alto Speakers, Powered 20" QSC Subwoofers,

         Powered EV Subwoofer, Mac Book Pro Laptops, American DJ Wifly LED Par Qa5 Lights, American DJ Wifly LED Qa5 Stage Lights,

         American DJ Wireless DMX Control Board, American DJ myDMX2.0 Controller, American DJ LED Vertigo Lights, Chauvet Mini Kinta LED Lights,

         Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo Lights, Glo-Totems with Intelligent Lighting, and a Black & White or All White DJ Facade.

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